GOconnect and GObenefits application allows users to start their registration directly from their mobile devices, independent of the web version.

For that, if you already have the app installed on your mobile, you must perform the following steps:

1. Complete your information

Enter from the GOconnect Mobile App or GObenefits and enter your email.

On the next screen, you must place the platform domain (URL).

Eg. If the platform's URL is mycompany.gointegro.com in the subdomain field you must place “mycompany”.

Need help to know which is the platform subdomain?

Click here for more information. 

Note: Other information such as type and document number or employee ID may be requested. If you do not know this information or the domain of your platform, contact the HR manager or write to help@gointegro.com


2. Validate your information

We'll send you a code by email. Enviaremos un código de 6 dígitos a tu correo electrónico. Enter it in the app and choose your password to enter!.

If the platform is configured with single sign-on, by placing it in the app you can enter directly without choosing a password.

Note: If the platform is configured with a single login, a 6-digit code will be sent to your box for you to enter and password entry will not be necessary.

Congratulations! You already have access to your platform.

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