You can access your profile by clicking on the "My profile" button in the left menu of the Home page.

It’s also possible to access your profile configuration from your mobile. To do so, you must enter the application and click on the first icon, which has the drawing of a person and is on the right side of the screen.

Once you sign in, you can view all data in your profile.

Edit your profile

You can edit your profile and complete the existing fields by clicking on the "Edit Profile" link. 

First of all, you can upload your profile picture from camera icon.

You can choose between taking a file saved on your computer or taking a photo with your cell phone or computer camera.

Then, you can continue to complete your main information. The field of country of complete by default with the country of the platform and you can modify it in your profile here.

After completing your work data, go to the private data, which can only be seen by you and the administrator.

You can also upload your social networks (optional).

Within your profile, it is also possible to visualize the spaces to which you belong.

Finally, you should always save the changes with the "Save" button.

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