The spaces can only be created by users with a profile Administrator or Space Manager.

Step 1: Create a Space

On your home page, you find the Create a space button in the list of your menu on the left or also in the My spaces page.

Step 2: Complete the general information

A new window will open in which you must complete the following data of the Space you want to create:

  • Space Name: Try to enter a short name for easy reading. This is a required field and can be edited later.

  • Description: This field allows you to add details of the content or purpose of the space. It is also a required field and can be edited later.

Step 3: Define the recipients

The last two fields that you must complete are: the type of space and the publication permissions.
It is very important to keep in mind that the type of space cannot be modified later, so we recommend you read the following description carefully.

Type of Space

There are three types of Spaces:

  • Company: All users of the platform will automatically be members of the space.

  • Public: All users who want can participate, but for that they must join. Its content is visible to everyone.

  • Private: Only users can access through invitation. Only space administrators can invite users.

For example, if we want to create a News Space, so that all users of the platform have access and participate, the appropriate type is Company.

If we seek to create a hobby space, intended only for users interested in participating, being optional and whose content is not restricted, then the appropriate type is Public.

If on the other hand we need an R&D space, exclusively for members of the Research and Development team, whose content is classified, then the appropriate type is Private.

Then, from the type of space we define the following information:

  • Active Space: This slider allows you to activate or deactivate the space. This option is useful if you don't want to publish your new space yet, or if you want to hide it. By default, when creating a space, it is active.

  • Social Activity: Here you can enable or disable publications on the wall of that space.

Publication Permissions: Here you can determine who will have permission to create publications in the Social Wall of the space (if it is enabled). This setting is modifiable after the creation of the space.

  • All: All members of the space can create publications.

  • Only Administrators: Only the administrative members of the space can create publications. The other members may only like the publications.

Once you have completed all the information, click on the "Create" button. A new window appears confirming the creation with a link to add members.

Now you can start creating content for your space and add visits!

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