In each space, administrators have the possibility to create content that can be multimedia galleries or articles.

How to create an article?

Within the space, in the Contents tab you will find the link + Create an article.

Entering the link you find a word processor to make your article.

In the center of the page you have the options of typography, font size, numbering and bullets. You can also insert images from your PC and include links.

You can change the size of the images you include in your post. You have the possibility to position the image wherever you want, with the margins you choose. By selecting it, you can also add links to the image.

You need to select a theme for your article. To create themes within the space, you must go to its settings.
Tip: Placing a topic will help you find the content easily

Once you finish, save the changes!
The article will remain as Unpublished within the space. This means that you are the only one who can visualize it.

To publish it, you must enter the article and go to Edit. A new window will open with a preview of the article and a field to provide information about what that content is about.

There you will also have a preview of the article on the social wall and the option to share. You can create a publication in the social activity and notify all members.
Once you have everything ready, click on Publish and the article will be published in the content of the space.

To make any changes you must go to the menu of the article that is on the right side.

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