It is content that you can add to the Space and allows you to share an album of photographs and / or videos.

You can find the published galleries or create new ones from the “Contents” tab. By clicking on the gallery title you can enter it.

You can view the Galleries published both in the web version and in the Mobile GOconnect App.

Galleries can only be created from the Web and by a space administrator user. To do so, you must click on the "Create a gallery" button.

You need to select a theme for your article. To create themes within the space, you must go to its settings.Tip: Placing a topic will help you find the content easily

Name: It is the title or name of the Gallery, which can have up to 80 characters. The name is mandatory and by default it will be "Gallery without name".
Content: Photographs and videos of various formats can be uploaded. For this, the loading icon located below the name of the Gallery is used.

To upload content to the gallery you can drag and drop the photos / videos into the upload icon box or click on the icon and select the files to upload from the computer.

When you upload videos, you will see the file's processing status. Once finished, you will receive a notification informing that your video is available.

After the load is processed you can:

  • Change the order of the photos or videos, by clicking on the icons and dragging them to the desired location.

  • Delete an item

  • Add name to videos

When you save the gallery, it will default to “Unpublished” status, which allows you to keep it hidden so you can continue loading content at another time before making it visible to all members.

When the content is ready, press the "Publish" button located in the Gallery menu.

A window will open for you to enter a description of the content that will be visible in the preview of it.

If the wall of the space is active, you have the option to create a publication and notify the members:

To edit a gallery, click on the options icon, in the gallery preview. It is also possible to edit the gallery by entering it; You will see the "Edit" button.

It is possible to add or remove items, change the order, modify the name or theme and Publish the Gallery.

To remove the Publication from an already published Gallery, you must choose "Remove Publication" in the options icon.

Among those same options, you can also choose Delete Gallery. In that case, a pop-up window will ask you to confirm the deletion.

Photo size and format limit

The maximum size per image is 20MB and the following formats are supported:

  • JPEG

  • BMP

  • PNG

  • GIF

  • TIFF

Vieo size and format limit

The maximum video size is 2GB. The recommended formats are MP4 or MOV.

All the video formats that can be uploaded are:

  • 3g2 

  • 3gp

  • 3gpp

  • asf 

  • avi (video AVI)

  • dat (video MPEG)

  • divx (video DIVX)

  • dv (video DV)

  • f4v (video Flash)

  • flv (video Flash)

  • m2ts (video M2TS)

  • m4v (video MPEG-4)

  • mkv (format Matroska)

  • mod (video MOD)

  • mov (QuickTime Movie)

  • mp4 (video MPEG-4)

  • mpe (video MPEG)

  • mpeg (video MPEG)

  • mpeg4 (video MPEG-4)

  • mpg (video MPEG)

  • mts (video AVCHD)

  • nsv (video Nullsoft)

  • ogm (format multimedia Ogg)

  • ogv (format Ogg)

  • qt (QuickTime Movie)

  • tod (video TOD)

  • ts (MPEG Transport Stream)

  • vob (video de DVD Video)

  • wmv (video de Windows Media)

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