As a space administrator you can make changes when you please.To do so, you must go to the space and click on "Edit space" on the menu icon.

Edit Spaces

Here you can modify the space’s general information:

  • Name and description.

  • Activate or deactivate the space.

  • Change the publishing permissions within it.

#Note: It is NOT possible to modify space type.

It is also possible to customize the cover image and the space icon, by clicking on the editing buttons found in each of these sections:


In the content tab, you can create topics to classify the published content in the space. To do so you must click on the menu icon.

There you can edit topics that have been already created, and the create new ones.

Also in the content tab, you can create a gallery with photos and videos or Create an article.


In the Members tab, you can view and add members to public or private spaces.

You will find users list and groups. In each one there will be an add button.

When you click on Add People a new window will open up with a users list. The people that are already a part of the space will appear in grey on the list.

To add a user you must click on the checkbox and press add.

Then, a confirmation window will appear.

The same process has to be done to add groups to a space.

The people list has a search tool that shows the space administrators first.

In the icon menu next to each group member you can grant or revoke an administrator’s permissions or delete users from the space.

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