Online benefits

When you enter you can see the details of the promotion and trade.

In the box to the left of your screen, you will have the options to access the benefit and a button to use it.


In this type of benefit, once you click on the “use online benefit button”, a new window will open so that you can enter the Commerce website.

Then, a new window will open with details to finalize the exchange: benefit code, validity date, validity date, payment methods and the conditions of use.

It’s important that you read this information carefully to use the benefit correctly.

Finally, click on the Go to Website button to enjoy the benefit.


Use of benefits in Branches

In other cases, you must approach the business of your choice to enjoy the benefit.

When you enter to Use the benefit, you will see the details to make the exchange. In addition, you will find  button with the directions with a map and the indications so that you can easily reach the place.

Benefit with mobile management

Lastly, some of the benefits require prior telephone management before use.


When you click on start the telephone management a new window will open. This type of benefit, in which you need to previously make a phone call, may be required for commerces such as restaurants reservations, shows, travel. tourism, food delivery, etc.

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