Every day people use our platform to share their experiences and connect, and we know it's important to keep this environment safe to communicate freely.

In the presence of abusive behavior, users have the possibility to easily report them among 6 different topics:

> Spam

> Bullying, threatening or harassing

> Violent, pornographic or sexually explicit

> Pretending to be someone else

> Illegal

> Something else

In this video we show you how to do it easily.

It's important to know:

  • When a comment or publication is reported, the platform's admin team will receive a communication by mail to review and eliminate any content that does not comply with the platform's standards.

  • When locating the person responsible for the reported post or comment, no information about the person who made the report will be included, even though the admins can see who the user who made the report is.

  • Reporting content does not guarantee its removal from the platform.

  • If you choose "Something else", you can enter information about why this content should be removed.

  • The same content can only be reported once per user.

The review of reported content is unique and exclusive to the admin users of the platform in accordance with its internal policies and guidelines, and GOintegro is not responsible for reviewing and/or deleting reported content.

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